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About elev8

There’s a difference between giving “effort” and being “effective”. Many people feel that they are in the latter category, but sadly, many of us fall into the first. HR research and feedback proves the same – that the average Human Resources Professional is viewed as not adding value to their organization. Generally speaking, many HR Professionals struggle to be appreciated and fight to change the traditional view that HR is simply buried in “administrative tasks”, and fails to understand how the organization operates.

The elev8 model provides a strategic approach to shifting the value contribution of every
HR Professional in an organization. elev8 provides an eight-step model, centered on
three major stages, that teaches a HR Practitioner how to systematically build bench
strength and increase their organizational impact. The only way that the HR Department
will be viewed as a Strategic Partner to the organization, is by displaying positive, long-
term and consistent value. elev8 provides the keys to unlocking that value.